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Welcome to Ashby Loft Racing Pigeons.  My pigeon racing results, training racing pigeons, pigeon lofts, breeders, and racing pigeons for sale.  I’ve been interested in pigeon racing for several years and decided it was time to get involved in 2011.  I enjoy raising racing pigeons, breeding, competition and training my birds.  Many successful racing pigeon lofts have been winning with the very same blood that I have selected to build my family of racing pigeons.

I’ll be flying Racing Pigeons in Club Races and testing my birds in One Loft Races while working towards a goal I have of sending a team of racing pigeons to the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa.  Check out my Pigeon Racing Blog to follow my thoughts and experiences.  I am working on a family of birds that can win at all distances consistently with emphasis on fast developing, race winning, young birds.  We’re located in Northern Utah and fly with the Ogden Racing Pigeon Club.  Check out the American Pigeon Racing Union for information about Pigeon Racing and for help finding a club in your area.

My breeders down from some of the Top Racing Pigeons in the World.  Some of the racing pigeon families that are important in my breeding plans are, De Kannibaal, Witoger 720, and Hollywood.  I am currently breeding from 14 grandchildren of Hollywood.   It would be difficult to find a nicer group of Hollywood pigeons anywhere in the world.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Racing Pigeons is a great hobby in which I can involve my children.  Teaching them principals of proper nutrition, to work hard, treat animals with care, and experience winning and losing.  And most important… being a good sport when you win and when you lose.  Thanks for visiting my racing pigeon web site.  Best of luck to you with your pigeon loft and racing pigeons.


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