Clausing Houbens

I began my quest last year to find the best birds I could afford.  Which as it turns out, isn’t much.  I have an average job, a house, 5 young kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 car payments etc…  That doesn’t leave a lot of play money to invest in my pigeons.  I was/am looking for birds that could win in the local club races and also do well in one loft races.  I kept coming back to one particular strain that interested me. Clausing Houbens.  His is a great story of success in breeding and racing pigeons.

There isn’t a fancier in the US who has been able to duplicate his winnings in the early 2000’s at the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Races.   He has struggled at the SCMDPR in recent years, but still finds success in other One Loft Races and in his club.  There aren’t any fliers in my club who fly birds bred down from Clausing’s.  In fact, I asked about it and was told that some had tried and they weren’t good in our club and the course we fly.  Still I kept coming back to this strain.  I decided to give them a try.

Double Grandson of Clausing 410I’ve added a few birds to my loft to breed from.  One that I’m excited about is a double bred Grandson of Clausing 410 that I got from Don McGowan at Zeppelin Loft.  He has some really nice birds direct from Clausing’s loft.  In keeping with the theme of “Zeppelin” Loft, I’ve named this young cock D’yer Mak’er (my favorite Led Zeppelin song).

Is this a “foundation” for my loft?  Who knows.  He handles really nice.   It will take some time to tell.  I do hope I can get some really nice birds from this cock.





From Racing Pigeon Digest…

410 – BBC, is now the number one breeder, taking the quality of the Clausing loft beyond his sire, Dana and his grandsire, Ziko. The percentage of 410’s children that dominate races and produce winners themselves is phenomenal. In the Sun City South Africa Race 410 has produced in five years birds scoring in these places: 3, 4, 24, 36, 99, 101, etc. 410 breeds winners with just about every hen he is placed with. See below for more on 410 as he is one of the most remarkable breeders to come along in years.

More on the incredible 410 cock
410, the super breeding cock listed above is so incredibly significant he deserves more credits. 410 is a world famous breeder that is a 2000 hatch. He was a successful racer, one of only 7 day birds in the San Diego Holiday Cup in California, and the only bird clocked in on the long end on the day. The long end was at a vast disadvantage as short end birds were clocked at dusk, long ender 410 had to keep going to clock into the dark. David was not real impressed yet, until he bred him in 2001. His first couple of babies were sent out for the South Africa Million Dollar, world class event. The final in February of 2002 saw only four day birds, all after dark, all after 13+ hours on the wing, and a 410 daughter named, “Valentin” was 3rd place and a $75,000.00 winner for the Clausing family. The nest brother to Valentin scored 36th the next a.m. against 1,653 birds. These birds kept on coming when others did not have the heart or stamina to continue on to home. These were the only two 410 babies David sent there that year.

The next year, 2003 David sent two more birds to the South Africa Million Dollar Race and won first place with one of them off a full sister to 410, 248-2000. That bird, 300-2002 was named by the race committee, Never Say Die. She won over $200,000.00 against 1,676 birds, by over a minute ahead. In 2004 410 and another hen, 163-2002, bred 24th (David had five birds in the money and all the other prize winners were all related). (The 26th prize winner was from a son of 410). In 2005 there were only 24 day birds out of the 2,642 birds going to the final race. That year David sent only two from 410, and from yet a different hen again, 186-2003. These two were his first and second birds home with the first one, “Heidi” scoring 4th overall and winning $56,840.00. In 2006 in the Million Dollar Race his first two birds were again from 410 and yet another new hen, #6091951-2002. These are phenomenal performances and unequaled consistencies by any one in the world.

David also notices several other special things about 410. 410 has great feather and he’s a very intelligent bird around the loft. His children generally inherit these traits. In breeding from five of 410/300’s young, three hit with race winners, with different mates. A new family of Clausings is developing here.


410 was recently sold to China and there will be no more new direct children from 410 available here in the US.  I’d like to find one at some point, but I’m afraid they are way out of my price range.  Good news is that David breeds on the Bull System and there are a lot of 410’s progeny around.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with this strain of birds in my loft.  Most of these birds are smaller than the average bird in my loft.  I don’t know exactly what that brings to the table but it’s something I’ve noticed.

An interesting thing that David has done in recent years was bringing in “Jay” or “J” (I’ve seen it written both ways).  Jay is a Red Check Imbrecht Cock.  The Imbrecht strain is known for their long distance performance and toughness on days when the other birds give up.  This was a very interesting move for David Clausing as prior to this, his entire loft had been built around birds directly from the Houben loft.


Jay – a 1999 Imbrecht RCC.  Jay has captured David’s attention with the dependable homing of his young, especially in tough-weather races as well as his breeding well with a number of hens.  With very few of Jay’s children raced, he has bred strong performance: in 2001 he produced five youngsters which were raced ten weeks in a row with no losses and one, 368-01, as an OB scored first at 100, 400, and 500.


Much of David’s winning in recent years has come from his Houbens with the Imbrecht blood from “J” added.  I am banking on this helping my loft as well.  Our club flies a fairly tough race course and many of the races will be in the heat or wind.  If all goes as planned, the Houben birds I’ve added to my loft that have a little bit of “J” in them may perform well.  It will be fun and interesting to see what I can do with these birds.  I have a variety of “other things” to breed from, but these Clausing Houbens concentrating on “410” and “J” will be a big part of my loft.

Here are the other Clausing Houben linebred birds I have added to my loft to breed from.

AU 2010 GEM 0429   Grandson of “410”

AU 2011 AA 4468  Goes back to “J” and a full brother of “410”

AU 2011 AA 4456 “J” and “410” on both top and bottom of this pedigree.  Nestmate of 4455.

AU 2010 AA 11239  Goes back to “410” and “Ziko”

AU 2011 AA 4455  Goes back to “J” and “410” on top and bottom.  Nestmate of 4456.

It will likely take a couple of years to sort out all the pros and cons of the Houben part of my loft.  I think I’ve made some interesting choices here and it will be fun to see how they do.  The important part for me is that this strain is something different than what the other members of my club are flying.  Which will either help me or bite me right in the… well you get the picture.

In conclusion…. I hope you’ll enjoy this fine song from Led Zeppelin.  Please use the comment section below and share your experiences with flying Clausing Houbens.


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  1. jason Willis  January 20, 2012

    good stuff, keep it up… im also a newbie, and was fortunate to get a daughter of 410, and a Silver cock who is a direct son of David Jr. ( the 1/4 imbrecht clausing). I also got 236, who was clausings #1 old bird when he still flew in spring hill, a daughter of 236 as well. I got these on perm loan from a guy up east… anyways, ill let you know how they breed, ive got them paired to some other outstanding houbens, and some of my association winners from lastyear. let me know how your clausings do, and we can aybe do some YB swap next year or breed some stock for each other. Im on pigeonDB as well ill try and request you as a friend or something.

    • Rob Ashby  January 20, 2012

      I’d be up for swapping some birds. Next year will probably be best. Right now with my smaller loft, my breeding for 2012 is being dictated mostly by the birds themselves. I’ll have lots of crosses, but there should be some good ones in there. I’ll have a new larger loft built soon and I’ll be able to select my pairs better. Sounds like you have some nice birds!

      • jason Willis  January 23, 2012

        good stuff… next year sounds good, Im smack dab in the middle of breeding myself, have a good one.


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