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I looked around a little to find an online tool which would help me straight line distance or “air miles” that my pigeons might fly.  I wanted this so that when I start road training, I can know how far I flew the birds that day. Most online mapping tools using Google maps are geared towards driving directions and distance.

Google Maps Distance Calculator is a nice tool that allows you to find your loft’s location, click on it.  Then simply find the location where you released your birds, click on it.  It will tell you the distance in a straight line from point to point.

Here’s an example.  My loft is exactly 17.39 miles from this spot I have chosen as my “breakaway point”.

In looking over the flyway our club uses I have figured out the spot where I want my birds to breakaway from the group and head straight for my loft.  I plan to train from this spot several times.  As far as I can tell, my loft is the furthest East, and the furthest South.  It is important that my birds learn this spot to breakaway and head for home as most of the lofts will be to the West.

I’ll be using this quite a bit in the next few weeks as I start road training my birds.





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