First Time Loft Flying

I decided tonight was the night to fly my 2011 young birds for the first time.  Weeks of preparation was on the line.  I’ve settled the birds, I’ve trained them how to use the trap, and I’ve trained them to my whistle at feeding time.  I could no longer resist the temptation to let them fly.  I had put in the preparation I needed based on what I’ve been able to read and my limited past experience.  I felt pretty confident things would go well.  I went ahead and opened the loft.

I didn’t want to push any birds out of the loft.  I just wanted to give them the chance to leave and fly if they wanted to…

I let the birds fly until a few of them decided to land on the roof of my house.  They flew for about 15 minutes.  While they were flying I went ahead and placed their feed in the loft.  It was time to test whether or not my whistle training was going to work…

I don’t know whether any of this was “good or bad” in terms of what an experienced racer would do.  I can only go by what I’ve learned myself so far.  I was pretty pleased with this though.  All the birds that decided to fly were back in the loft within 20 minutes of leaving.  The majority came back and trapped with my whistle.


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