Pigeon Loft Plan

current loft I’ve come up with a plan for an expansion on my pigeon loft.  This pigeon loft design should give me room to do whatever I want in the future.  I went back and forth on whether I should build a separate loft or add on to the existing one.  For the sake of one day having a nice looking back yard, I decided that adding on to the current one would be the best plan.

This idea will require raising the current loft two feet off the ground.  I’m not exactly sure how I will accomplish that yet, but I want the new loft section to have an expanded metal floor.  This raised loft with expanded metal floor should have awesome ventilation and require little maintenance as far as scraping and clean up.

new loft

click to view plan

I’ll have some power run out to the loft so that I can use lights.  I’ll have plenty of sections and nest boxes to divide the birds up in any way I need.  There will be plenty of nest boxes for breeding and widowhood racing if I decide to go that route.  The young bird section will be very large and I’ll be able to keep more birds in this loft than I really want to keep.  Hopefully this will get me past that “it’s never big enough” problem.

I will begin this project (assuming I can afford it) after the young bird racing season ends.  Stay tuned!


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