Spring Break 300 01-22-2012

The folks at the Spring Break 300 Race have been really good with updates and training the birds.  I’m very pleased with the level of effort and professionalism from Dan and Randy.  They are hoping to have the birds out to 75 miles soon.  From their last update they are waiting for the next nice weather day and will go to 45 miles again.

They released a nice update video which shows the condition, of some of the birds.  I kept hoping the next one out of the basket would be mine, but no luck.  You will see some nice birds from Sal Rogriguez, Joe Nemelka, Mike Ganus and others…



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  1. J-Loft  January 23, 2012

    I watched the video on Wincompanion.com, I thought that was pretty cool to see Sals bird on the video. lets go OGN!


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